Letter From
The President

by Robert Lee Bates

We are now at the crossroads. Every last American citizen has driven over that bridge everybody talks about. You know... the one we'll cross when we get there.

Nationwide, we face a crisis greater than most people are aware of. Annually, 280 million tires, or a pile 100 yards long and over 400 feet tall enters Americas landfills. That number grows steadily each year, and quite frankly we're just running out of room...It's time to act!

Within New York State alone, the Department of Environmental Conservation estimates that 12 million tires are discarded in that state every year. That represents in excess of three million barrels of oil in equivalent energy being thrown away; most of it going right back into the ground.

Enviroform Recycled Products, Inc. believes in the challenge of providing useful, functional products from these non-renewable resources.

We at Enviroform are committed to do our share in cleaning up the environment through the recycling of old tires and manufacturing new products from them.

We can customize to suit your needs, and we welcome your suggestions on any new and/or current product we offer.

We look forward to serving you with quality, useful products manufactured from 100% recycled rubber.

Robert L. Bates

ENVIROform Recycled Products, Inc.



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