Recycled Products
 for Home and Industry
 from 100% Recycled
 Tire Rubber!

ENVIROform Recycled Products manufactures a wide variety of products made from 100% recycled tire rubber. Products include...

Additional uses for ENVIROform products include surfaces and accessories for use in, on and around ...

  • Kindergarten Playgrounds and Recrreation Areas
  • All school sports areas
  • Athletic Tracks and Infiend areas
  • tennis and Basketball Courts
  • Golf Tee-off Areas and Driving Ranges
  • Swimming Pool and Spa Areas
  • Hospital, Industrial and Residential Flooring
  • Flooring Tiles
  • Carpet Underlay
  • Barn Mats, Car Mats, Door Mats and Sports Mats
  • Subbase for Horse Racing Tracks
  • Shock Absorbing Pads for Rails and Machinery
  • Sound Barriers for Highways
  • Auto and Truck Splash and Mud Guards
  • Baseboards and Kickplates
  • Flower Pots
  • Garbage Cans
  • Shoe Soles and Heels
  • Non-Slip Boat Deck Surfaces
  • Crash Barriers on Highways
  • Truck, Van and Pick-Up Floor Liners
  • Auto and Truck Bumpers
  • Docking Bumpers for Trucks at Factories
  • Re/Loadings and Unloads

and more...

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