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Road Surface & Parking Lot Speed Bumps

Controls traffic and reduces speeds with this effective, durable, long lasting product.

Place in strategic locations on the street, in parking lots, around schools, on private residential thoroughfares or at airports. It slows traffic effectively without tire or vehicle damage.

 Use to control traffic speed during public events, gatherings, or special events. Temporary or permanent installation on concrete or asphalt. Mastic or anchor pins available as specified.

Lightweight and flexible, it conforms to contours of road surface. Economical and built to last, Enviroform speed bumps withstand over 2000 psi pressure. Easily transported - fast installation.

SB-01-04 Speed bump - with/without holes / black-four (4) foot length 
SB-01-4-1 Speed bump - with/without holes / yellow-four (4) foot length 
SB-02-6 Speed bump - with/without holes / yellow-six (6) foot length  
SP-02-6-1 Speed bump - with/without holes / yellow-six (6) foot length  
AP-1 Anchor pins, 16" x 1/2" - painted black
AMA-1 Mastic adhesive - quart
AMA-2 Mastic adhesive - gallon


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